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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Healthcare Organizations using our solutions have enjoyed a 98% on-time rate.

Non-emergency medical transportation can sometimes be complex and daunting. ITL Solutions can be your long-term partner in working with State, County and Local Communities to ensure reliable transportation at the right place and right time.

Our experience, commitment and technology platform allows us to lead the way in ensuring safe and reliable transportation.

Reduce Costs

ITL allows healthcare organizations to focus on what they do best- providing healthcare services.

ITL's Value-Based Solutions offer innovative solutions in administrating your current member transportation services and add transportation services without incurring additional costs. In most instances, our solutions reduce your costs while improving service and quality.

Improve Service

Healthcare Organizations using our solutions have enjoyed a 98% on-time rate and also have less than 1 complaint per 1,000 trips for the last six years.

  • ITL is committed to continually developing best practices and providing safe, respected and reliable transportation.
  • Partnering, managing and expanding existing network transportation providers to deliver service excellence continues to be part of our organizational strength.
  • ITL understands that well-trained/service-oriented and a knowledgeable staff are vital to this industry.
  • Centralized call centers and robust transportation technology platform allow for better communication, scheduling and routing of member trips. Our scheduling tools are designed to maximize results and reduce errors which in turn allows for improved service relations.
  • Carefully structured training modules for all employees within our organization.
  • Open communication channels and town hall forums for members, counties and facilities.

Healthier Members

High-quality transportation that is reliable is key to reducing overall healthcare costs. Costs will be reduced because members are able to get preventive care, physical therapy, check-ups and other services that are crucial to recovering and staying healthy.

  • ITL works carefully with members and their facilities to address their needs and schedules. ITL understands the importance of providing safe and timely transportation.
  • ITL promotes and cultivates a collaborative team environment across all levels that is built around innovation and solutions.
  • We completely acknowledge the unique challenges of transportation and we deliver solutions that improve service while realizing efficiencies for all transportation modes. Our staff is well trained and adept to the newest enhancements which provide us with an advantage while simultaneously preparing for member trips and customer concerns.

According to the AARP

....."Improving access to care for transportation-disadvantaged populations can reduce national health care costs, possibly offsetting the increase in transportation costs. Transportation benefits can help states and communities balance their Medicaid programs by supporting home- and community-based services; enabling people to access preventative care; improving health outcomes and avoiding unnecessary hospital readmissions."

Customer Service

Our trained and highly skilled Customer Service Agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer questions and process requests. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us. Our reservation process can be easily customized to meet your healthcare program’s needs.

  • ITL works towards achieving transportation care which involves “The right level of transport at the right time”.
  • ITL collaborates with members and facilities to find solutions and develops sound training modules for drivers, schedulers, dispatchers and call center representatives to improve future member experience.
  • ITL’s technology continues to grow with language interpretation services and member portal access to book, change or cancel their own trips.
  • Our call center teams work feverishly to maintain a well-balanced, coordinated channel of communication with customers, State and Local county agencies to ensure member choice and safe transportation.

Transportation Network

ITL ensures the appropriate vehicle is available to meet your member’s needs. Whether it is a sedan, van, SUV, or wheelchair accessible vehicles. ITL partners with local transportation service providers, who we then certify and train to ensure they are qualified to transport your members.

  • In addition to providing safe, respected and reliable transportation, ITL ensures that each vehicle is clean, operational and well-maintained. Vehicle and location audits are conducted to ensure that vehicles are in compliance and safe to be on the road.


Our insurance policy standards, exceed the industry standard.


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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

ITL allows healthcare organizations to focus on what they do best- providing healthcare services.
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ITL's Value-Based Approach allows us to offer a Coordinated Transportation Model that can reduce costs, improve service and quality of the transportation being provided.
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