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Commitment to Excellence

Since our founding, ITL has prided itself to upholding the highest safety and service level standards. Our logistics program is built around our defensive and distracted driving curriculum. In addition, ITL's technology platform continues to transform how both NEMT and NET services are provided. Expecting more from technology involves organizational leadership and experience to eliminate transportation fragmentation and variances. ITL works with State, County, and Client membership to find solutions and develop on-going processes to maintain excellent service delivery. Our staff and leadership group understand that transportation care involves the right level of transport at the right time. Respectful, Safe and Reliable transportation allows our clients to have a choice and confidence in meeting their needs.

ITL provides the following:

  • NEMT/NET Brokerage approach and a technology platform to coordinate provider availability, sound fleet-mix, cost containment, self-sufficient member portal, and responsible management oversight.
  • Well-trained, service-oriented and talented staff.
  • Efficient, safe, cost-effective transportation.
  • Provide customers with a full spectrum of transportation options.
  • Find solutions to concerns and implement the changes to enhance the member experience.
  • Our platform allows ITL to promote efficient, safe, cost-effective transportation that meets the needs of the community.
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Commitment to Quality

Driver/Operator safety is not only crucial to just transportation networks and programs, but it is also key to having safer roads within our communities. Which, in returns, provides all of us a safer environment to live and do business in. Safer roads make our communities more livable for everyone!

Defensive Driving Safety Training has proven to be an effective solution to: Control liability costs associated with work-related vehicle crashes;             Reduce insurance premiums and fleet repair bills; Reduce motor vehicle incident rates; Decrease workers' compensation claims; Improve productivity by keeping employees safe, on and off the job; Protect your brand by improving public perception of your driving practices

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Commitment to Service

Commitment to Service

We pride ourselves in only offering solutions that will benefit and enhance your transportation program or system. Our approach is centered around analyzing your current transportation benefits and determining what can be done to improve the quality of service, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. ITL strives to provide the highest quality of service of possible. To achieve this, we have invested internally and created our own extensive training program. This ensures our drivers are receiving the best training available. ITL also works hard to recruit and retain highly motivated, service oriented employees and drivers/transportation providers. These practices have allowed us to maintain an on-time and customer satisfaction rate of over 98%.

Lastly, ITL promotes and cultivates a collaborative team environment across all levels that is built around innovation. ITL is not just satisfied with creating solutions that just work. Our commitment to continually enhancing our services and processes is what gives us our competitive advantage. ITL partners with local providers and organizations to help maximize the resources available within each community we serve. Innovation is what allows us to find solutions for even your most complex of problems.

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